Yet another error message

From a google search, I see that cmdagent.exe has caused periodic problems, but I can’t nail down this one:

cmdagent.exe application error

The instruction at “0x021b2640” referernced memory at “0x078b4b76”. The memory could not be “read”. Check OK to terminate the program.

end snip

Any ideas? Memtest86 runs for hours without reporting any problem.

Context: XP, AMD Turion, 3GB memory, standard user (admin doesn’t seem to have the problem: got to check this further), new software: gmail notifier. Hope this helps.

Hi Carls2

Sorry, I don’t have a clue what the actual problem is here (did it produce any dumps?)… but, I do suggest that you consider using an alternative to Memtest86 for testing memory.

Memtest86 doesn’t really stress the memory enough to uncover any potential stress related problems. Well, that is my personal experience anyway. I recommend something like Prime95 or the torturous IntelBurn (Linpack) Test. Try them & you’ll see what I mean, either of these apps will probably raise your temperatures much higher than Memtest86 ever did (especially IntelBurn Test).

It looks as if the answer to the problem may be a conflict with google notifier. More testing is necessary, but that’s the evidence so far.

When google notifier starts and Comodo tries to initialize, something appears to collide.

BTW, Comodo finds an heuristic virus in the gmail notifier uninstall program. Not relevant here, except for the irony.

More later - need a weekend to test.

Anyone else running gmail notifier and Comodo that can add any info here?