Yes, I know it's old and dead. But I am curious...

Yes I know this thread is old and dead, but I am curious. What did you have installed before CAV/CIS?? ;D

Outpost and AVG in a distant past. Zone Alarm Free with Norton AV and AVG in an even more distant past.

After that it was Comodo Firewall 3.0 Alpha and it successors with AVG.

When AVG 8 came out it hogged my old system too much and switched to Avira. After that it was the CIS suite, v3.5 and successors, and never looked back.

Lets see : Avast, Avira, Kaspersky Internet Security would be my last 3 then after the beta i am using a 3 month trial or Norton but when thats up im back to CIS.

I used Norton Internet Security from October of 2005 until June of 2009. Started with the 2005 version, bought 2007 for $10 in a special deal and then upgraded to 2008 and then 2009 for free as part of my subscription. I switched to CIS to see how good I could do for free. I was pleased until the sandbox was added and by that time I had tired of HIPS alerts as well so now I just use the basic Comodo Firewall and Avast! free AV.

Norton, mcafee & avast* happiest now with CIS5

*would use with cis but like the full suite.

AVG 6, Avast 4, Arcavir (i dont remember what version), Avira 9, Norton (few version), Trend Micro PC-cilling 2002, iolo AntiVirus 1.5.3,AntiVirus eXpert Pro 6, Mks-vir (DOS)

Avast and ZoneAlarm, Avast and Sygate before that.

Avast and Windows Firewall.


When I was first on the net in 2005, my ISP Orange France took 5 Euros per month from me for F Secure which didn’t seem to work anyway. I soon cancelled that and installed Avast and Zone Alarm, with AdAware. Zone Alarm gave me bsods when it updated and I found Comodo Firewall in 2006. I have only had CIS active since the first beta just over 2 years ago and no infection since.