yenc flagged/partial files flagged - false virus indication

(:SAD) I deal in newsgroup offerings. When I let CIS take full cintrol, the multi-part files as well as those with yenc encoding are stopped and deleted. No indication as to what operation it sees, but tries toremove the files as a virus. This happened 2x this morning, so I shut down AV/AS ware for the download, and recompile. Then I scanned the finished downloads, with no virus or malware detected.
This seems to be fairly common to all AntiMalware solutions. Could someone maybe add a switch that will have the anti-malware not scan the download areas until after the files are rejoined?
I’ve adjusted AV ignore lists to include the news gatherer areas.

Hallo les9763,

if the yenc files got the same extension (eg .ntx) it would be possible to specifically exclude them adding *.ntx to the folder path.

eg. if the folder is C:\downloads the AV exclusion entry would be C:\downloads*.ntx