Yellow shield, diagnostic can not fix it

I have a yellow shield with an exclamation mark in my task bar.
Comodo Application Agent seems not to be running.
Diagnostics can not fix the issue.

I made a diagnostic xml file but get an error when I try to upload it with this post…

Hi Kapitan Captain,
Please Zip the xml file, to attach to your post.

Already to many Captains aboard this ship :wink: I’ll await the .zip

Here it is :slight_smile:

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It fails because ‘Comodo Internet Security Helper Services’ is not running (cmdagent.exe)
Can you please verify the Windows services and see if it’s set to Automatic and started?

It was indeed disabled, I fear I disabled it myself using msconfig…
The red shield is back and all systems are up and running :wink:

Am I correct in assuming Comodo Application Agent needs Comodo Internet Security Helper Services to run and that was all that was wrong?

Thank you.

Thanks Ronny.

Correct, see screenshot.
Glad all is working.

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