yellow exclamation sign in tray

not sure if this is an error or what, major or minor. Just noticed that my Comodo red icon in the systray has changed to a yellow exclamation point sin. anyone know what that is?

Please update the database and run a scan. Or click where it say’s fix now. If that does not fix it then report back.

sorry, duh, I just found the reply button :frowning:

yes, did what you said, updated the database and ran a scan. No reported problems and ran the diagnostics and no problems

any other comments or has your question been answered ?

yeah, I still have the exclamation sign. should I just do a clean install of Comodo?

A clean install may help. There is a guide somewhere on the forum by Chiron that could help. I’ll locate and post a link in a few minutes.

Thx sAYER, I appreciate any of your help!

Try that lyn562 . . . good luck