YahooWidgetEngine.exe <-> Comodo Firewall v2.4

I’m using comodo v2.4 and having problem with yahoo widget.Comodo shows warning messages frequently.Although I give permission evertime, it asks me that question again.The screenshot is below:

I set the “alert frequency level” to “very low” to get rid of the alert but it did not solve my problem.Please help me.

If you trust that YahooWidgetEngine is safe then you could edit the application monitor rule for it in firewall settings to ‘allow invisible connection attempts’ and ‘skip advanced security checks’.

Hopefully this may fix your problem.


Unfortunately that does not solve the problem.It’s still showing the same alerts.
I tried to click “send to comodo for analysis” but encountered an error message :“some problem in compressing files”.

You could try going into security tasks and define the file as a new trusted application.

Alternatively you could select to allow all activities for the application.


I have already applied both of your suggestions but no solution :frowning:
I had a look at my logs and saw that all “yahoowidgetengine.exe” warnings’ severityies are labelled “high”: