Yahoo startpage and searchengine

when there is a program update for CIS the last two times there was a pop-up window during installation, asking me to set my startpage and searchengine to Yahoo. How to properly react when one does not want to change to Yahoo? just uncheck it and confirm, or uncheck it and cancel? Or simply close the pop-up window, unchecked or not? i did uncheck it and then closed the window, as i didn’t want to “cancel” the istallation nor i wanted to “confirm” that change to Yahoo. it is a bit confusing, caus there is the option to uncheck and two buttons… 88)

Hi raggansta,
Make your selection, in your case deselect the option and then confirm/agree to install.
Choosing cancel will cancel the installation.

Kind regards.

thanks for the answer. so what happened when i deselected it and then closed the window? (i didn’t push any of the buttons but closed the pop-up window in the top right corner by clicking on the X). i think the update was installed as i was prompted to restart the computer.

Hi raggansta,
I tested this scenario after reading your first post and closing the window did in fact continue with the installation.

I personally think closing the window via the ‘X’ should be same as cancelling the installation and not continue. :o
If I am correct with my thinking, this could be a minor bug.

Kind regards.

so everything is fine with my installation, even after i did close the window by the X for the last two updates?

Hi again,
Yes it appears to install correctly.
You can check the about screen to confirm you have the latest version.
Title bar controls-Comodo Help

Kind regards.

ok thank you again, captainsticks.
yes it shows version

You are welcome. :slight_smile:

with today’s update the same happened again to me… i was confused, unchecked the startpage thing and this time pressed “cancel”, but the installation went on, as it did last time by closing the window by the X. now it shows version in the “about” section.