Yahoo sites don't display correctly with firewall enabled

I’ve been using Comodo Personal Firewall since shortly after version 3 came out. Early in December of 2008, I updated the firewall & am now using 3.5.57173.439. Before the update, yahoo websites displayed correctly. I rarely use yahoo sites directly so I cannot tell exactly when the sites stopped displaying correctly, but I went to yahoo mail about 2 weeks ago & noticed the display problem. I checked & it is on all yahoo sites not just yahoo mail.

I use Internet Explorer 8.0.6001, Firefox 3.0.5, or GoogleChrome These are the most up-to-date versions of all 3 browsers. When I first discovered the display problem, my first thought was that it was a browser issue. However, the problem occurs in all 3 browsers & the only way to get a correct display of yahoo sites is to disable the firewall. Trying to use the pages with the firewall enabled usually results in the following message:

"There was a problem!

At this time, Mail Options is not supported by browsers that have javascript disabled. We are actively looking into this and hope to have it fixed as soon as possible."

Now this is NOT funny! Java is installed & up-to-date in all 3 browsers. Disabling the firewall enables proper display & function on all yahoo sites, but I refuse to run without a firewall. I’ve checked the firewall events log & it doesn’t tell me anything… The event logs are empty. Yahoo sites don’t work correctly without java & the firewall seems to be stopping java from working on yahoo sites. I have tried other sites that use java with the firewall enabled & have no trouble at all. For now at any rate, the problem seems to be limited to yahoo sites.

Help, please… I’m open to suggestions, but I’m running out of ideas of what could cause websites from only one source (yahoo) to suddenly fail to use java with the firewall enabled.

Hey, It may be a problem that Yahoo is having. Perhaps try again in a few days (They might fix the problem before then) and post back if anything has changed.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help to you :frowning: Happy new year!

The problem is fixed now. Turned out to have something blocked in the firewall. As usual, the problem is in the last place you check. (Because when you find it, you stop looking!) :SMLR

What did you block?