Yahoo Search Engine Removal from my Computer

I updated Comodo the other day and unknowing embedded this yahoo search engine into all of my browsers, which appears to be from Comodo. I am very unhappy with this so I uninstalled Comodo and will move on to another anti virus program.
HOW DO I REMOVE THE YAHOO SEARCH ENGINE from my computer? I am very frustrated that it is not something I can detect and remove.
I am aware that I updated this and forgot to uncheck the tick box, however, I should still be able to remove this from the personal item that belongs to me. It feels like your anti-virus program has added a virus to my computer.

Please Advise.

“[i]Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos
is the address that appears in the new brower window.

I have already replied to your other topic here.

Please do not post the same question in two locations as this is a breach of the forum policy. :P0l

Yeah, I should have specified. I already did all that. It is still happening. Like a virus. And I have my homepage set to Google.

That’s strange. There should be absolutely nothing that continually keeps changing your search engine back.

I’ll ask the other Mods what they think of the assistance. Meanwhile, can you please let us know exactly what steps you have taken to try and change the search engine back to Google? Please be as specific as possible.


All I did was go into Chrome settings and change the homepage to google and delete the yahoo search engine in the same area. And I uninstalled Comodo. When I load any browser, it starts with the yahoo search/comodo - the website I specified before.

also change on start up in chrome not just the home button.

I am a very disappointed user. I have happily used comodo firewall and recommended it to many freinds and customers. Now, I have to go back to all of these freinds and customers and undo the damage your product has done to their computers. Naturally, I will be uninstalling Comodo.

Changing my settings back is proving more troublesome than your post;msg638828#msg638828 specifies.

So, my request is a step by step on how to reverse/delete the configuration settings your product leaves on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and IE after installation of your product.

Your previous post describes setting the Firefox Searchbar back to Google. What about the about:config page and a search for yahoo? Here is still Yahoo junk still on my computer!

So, Allow me to fulfill my own request by offering unofficial advice on restoring your browers back to where they were before this heinous act:

Uninstall Comodo, and either install a competing firewall, one that doesn’t hijack your computer, or reenable windows firewall. :cry:

Enter “about:config” into the url bar. Proceed past the warning, and search for “Yahoo”.
Carefully scroll through the results, looking for bold entries containing yahoo and comodo.
Right click these entries, and select “reset”. Restart.

enter chrome://chrome/settings/ into omnibar. set select box to google. Click Manage Search Engines, and delete yahoo. Restart.

Click the little gear in upper right hand corner and choose Internet Options. Under the general tab, click change search defaults Settings. Delete Yahoo.

Comodo doesn’t actually appear to mess with Safari, but when a company betrays me, I compleatey eradicate the possibility of any future business with them.
By default, there is a shortcut on the bookmark bar saying Yahoo!. Right click and delete. Couldn’t find a way to delete from possible search engines.

I hope this helps any other hurt, betrayed and disappointed former customers of Comodo firewall.

I wish you the best, Comodo, but this move didn’t have much integrity, which is expected to be above profit from a security company.

Your former customer,

we always listen to our users.
tell us your wishes and will take them into consideration…we always do…

making money from this only goes to getting more developers and more and better products for you.

it would be nice if comodo would partner with google so that it could give the user a choice between google and yahoo. But in my opinion yahoo is a much better partner then so it is a step up. How about also That way a user can have a choice of three or none?

:-TU :-TU :-TU

yes, thats the better way. but i think yahoo will not pay much anymore if Comodo partnerships with google or bing. and google and bing will say, if u want provide yahoo, then we dont want “play” with u :slight_smile:

Comodo guys…you really need to pass this message up to the highest levels in your company.

What you are doing here by highjacking our browsers for some paid agreement with yahoo is harming your company and reputation in the long run.

I am now uninstalling comodo, and will be following supersuade’s approach to try and scrub this stain off.

Really disappointed.

*Edit. The fact you had the barefaced cheek to over-write my existing homepages and search engine preferences is astounding. I cannot believe anyone remotely purporting to support security would resort to such tactics.

I must concur. I am absolutely offended that your software would do this without my permission. I only recently started using Comodo, and as IT support to way too many people I was looking forward to a decent all-around security suite to recommend. Seems I’ll have to keep offering AVG to people because I cannot in good conscience give this to people. As was mentioned above, I have never seen this behaviour before in anything short of a virus.

As a programmer and a user, I suggest the following. Otherwise I will start trying new security suites again the second the 1 year I paid for is expired.

  1. There should be an option upon installation to NOT change my settings (ANY OF THEM!). Alternatively, make suggestion #2 VERY prominent, so it is easy for anyone to reverse.
  2. There should be an easy to find button that completely reverses (not just removes, but puts back my original settings) all of this Yahoo ■■■■.
  3. Offer some other engines too. I would never touch Bing, Yahoo, or Ask, but if you offered a secure version of Google, I might be willing to try it.

CIS Premium – Installation
Hi Browner87,
Unless you are saying that you deselected set my home page and search provider in step two of the installation instructions before choosing agree and install, I am afraid that you did agree during install.
Same for paid or free versions.

As far as AVG, I recently seen a current free install of AVG on a friends system and I was offended by how much buy me, free trial, get it now was in your face.

Be careful when installing any products for customization options during install, which should go without saying to anyone with expertise in the IT field.

I might be going nuts, but I swear I didn’t see an opt-out. I very recently installed GeekBuddy on my (“previous”) computer, having already installed an older version of Comodo. I immediately noticed the Yahoo ■■■■ and removed it all. So, when I was doing an OS re-install today I’m pretty sure I payed extra attention to the installer and I do not recall seeing an opt-out option. Since I haven’t really setup anything in it yet, perhaps tomorrow I will uninstall it and reinstall fresh and watch more closely.

Regardless, my Suggestion #2 stands.

Hi Browner87,
I do agree with your suggestion 2, a 100% reversible option. :-TU
Maybe something for the wishlist, if you do decide to create a wish please follow the wishlist guideline as this give the best chance of the wish being carried out in future releases.
Thank you.
Edit: Re-wording.

I am removing the malware comodo too - there is no “trust” between users and Comodo anymore.

I got a really good deal on Comodo Internet Security Pro and have installed it on 2 machines. One with Windows 8 and one with Windows XP. They are understandably quite different in appearance. I have had a generally good experience. I opted in to the search using Yahoo option which was obvious during install. What I don’t understand is what is the big deal. Google is still my home page and the yahoo tab that opens in the background can be easily closed. Am I missing something?

Some people failed to read the screens, while clicking next, next, Agree & Install. (Kinda how most malware gets installed these days. Don’t blame Comodo for being lazy, your using free security software.

I have an almost identical problem Comodo dragon and icedragon installed. on one or both of them tight security. But i dont have yahoo-search in the list. but the problem lies in my domainforwarding.
Comodo is blocking it! Comodo Creating Trust online and on the bottom yahoo search whichshould identify it.
clicking on it and the same comodo site is shown.
I dont have comodo software other than the two browsers installed.

its working in other browsers. I am too upset!
I know google is actually strengthening searchmachine by offering google websmaster tools.
there one has to enter final link, new link will be generated which must be told to domain-hoster.
Use hyjackthis and check entry which shows yahoo as search in internetexplorer. the delete.
Yes it is related to Firefox. Forwarding is working again. Wow!
But comodo security is still installed in background…I also want to get rid of it. Have my own security plans.

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