Yahoo search and home page rape, computer hijackED!

My computer has been hijacked by a virus/malware that has Foxfire locked into Yahoo as my home page, and the search engine to Yahoo also. I can change them but when rebooting the browser, it goes back to Yahoo, ignoring that I have deleted then.
IE11 is also effected, the browser is okay but I’m locked into Yahoo search even though I remove it and name another engine as default.
Comodo Chrome is FINE! (?)
** Here is the real rub! I’ve tried all the protection software I have installed and went to upgrade thc firewall and was sent to install Comodo Internet Security with Foxfire, in the agreement is: LEAVE THE BOX CHECKED AND YAHOO WILL BE INSTALLED AS THE HOME PAGE AND SEARCH ON ALL BROWSERS!!!

If this is a Comodo generated malware, how do I get it out of my computer?

delete taskbar shortcuts of browsers !
Open the browsers file path in "C disk"and run the (.exe) in this location and pin the taskbar again and check again :wink:

and scan your PC with Comodo

I think ıt will be helpful, I experienced in the past :wink: