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I am having all kinds of trouble accessing my yahoo mail. The only way that I can access it is when I disable the firewall. I am using the latest version of comodo. I checked the event logged and I have about a million entires stating that “windows operating system” is blocked. What do I need to do to fix this?

Are you talking about Yahoo Web based email or do you have Yahoo set up in Outlook? I use Yahoo web based email and have no problems at all getting my mail. If you can open up IE or FF then you can open up your email too. Look at your logs and see what it is thats being blocked but Comodo cannot itself block a web site unless you add it in manually.

I am talking about yahoo web mail. My event log has the same application listed about 1000 times. It just has “Windows operating system” blocked with the same protocol, source ip, etc. Some how I am blocking something but I do not know what.

Make sure that IE and FF are select as a web browser. I actually don’t get any block messages. Look in your firewall settings and D+ settings and see if you blocked something. If you still cannot get into your email, which is odd, then do a complete uninstall and reinstall of Comodo using Revo Uninstaller in advanced mode.

Ok, I will try that. Thanks for the help.

This is that write up: the second reply from a moderator says it all, check Bob’s link and there are many upset over yahoo, half are paid yahoo members

Bad news for
by darclew3 - 2/23/08 11:18 AM

I was sent a message where to email addresses bounced stating I was a spammer.
I have had two acounts there, dchrislewis3292 & nutseyb for ten years.
Went there to check on email and had 5 spam in the first and 17 in the second in one day.
I have seen repeat spam emails so I do not believe that Yahoo is doing anthing about their
so-called Spam Guard, report the spam and it returns??
I cleaned out both accounts and they are at another isp leaving them with 2 empty saved email folders.
All yahoo contacts have been deleted in their address book.
Then I blocked them from ever emailling the following ISP’s:; and for I don’t get
spam at those ISP’s, only from Yahoo’s.
When I tried to get Fast Access DSL from, a yahoo address is at Horoscopes are listed as from a spyware site at
When I setup aol IM, all yahoo addresses were removed from it.
Only self-respecting ISP’s,; and
Took a day to correct all of this and
even my Outlook Express has no more addresses in it. Darrell Lewis
PS-cnet done a fabulous job of submitting ALL of the their trusted sites and
they are in my Trusted Zone, in the privacy tab as accept and in my popup blocker.

I have had to take extreme in blocking permanently:
22 spam at two addresses in one day and yahoo has done nthing about it. I cleaned out both accounts and emaill addresses there.
these are all in the Restricted Zone
by R. Proffitt - 2/23/08 11:20 AM
In reply to: Bad news for by darclew3

The really upset people are those that paid for it. And those that used it for their business.

There’s a lesson here.

Bob [he is a CNET Moderator], also had one bounce from another CNET Moderator who is a Microsoft Most Valuable Proffesional. There are 3 others that are also MSMVP’s in Spyware, viruses and security forum. Darrell

I have never gotten an email like that and have been using Yahoo email for 5 years now. No Spam. No Junk.

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