Yahoo Messenger

I keep getting an intrusion counter from Yahoo Messenger and its trusted. It works but why does this keep happening. What is it blocking and how do I change it?

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Are those outgoing connections? If they’re incoming I get a lot of blocked ones as well, which is normal as long as YM is functioning correctly.

I have no idea if those are outgoing. I guess its normal behavior from what your saying.

It appears they’re outgoing connections from YM to, which is supposedly in Amsterdam, Netherlands ???

What are your App rules on YM?

All I did was make Yahoo Messenger a trusted app in firewall settings. What should I change it to?

Trust App? I thought that predefined rule was only for Defense+. I applied the common firewall rule for most programs that I connect to the internet with: the predefined Outgoing Only

I will try that. I think .295 is buggy. Wish I still could download .277

Hmmm…Maybe I should wait before upgrading from .276 since I’ve no noticeable problems with it

Try this.