Yahoo mail comodo dns

Hi If I use comodo dns I get a wrong certificate warning. No comodo dns no warning. Any ideas? ps both norton dns & clearcloud no issues

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I checked and with Comodo DNS I get that message too. When I use the DNS servers of my ISP I get a response saying the certificate is valid and registered to Yahoo.

First of all please open a support ticket here:

Could you run me through the procedure please opr should I just drop comodo dns?

Follow Ronny’s link, click on Submit a Ticket, select SecureDNS from the dropdown menu, enter your information, etc…

It only happens when using Opera browser. When using FF 4 or IE 9 it does not occur.

Opera shows that the server certificate chain is starting at . Which is apparently related to Neustar DNS. Comodo DNS servers are based on the Neustar infrastructure.

Not sure whether this is something that is on Comodo’s or Opera’s end.

I opened a ticket on this for you.

If you wish to create a ticket on your own name please create an account there and once that’s done chose “create ticket” select “Secure DNS” and fill in the subject and troublefield.

I can’t replicate it anymore, are you still having the issue?

Sorry for late reply been out. Still got the issue with opera also ie8. May just drop comodo dns for time being thanks anyway.

It is still reproducible here with Opera. Even after closing down Opera, clearing its cache and flushing local DNS from the command prompt.

I think it has to do with which “ad” page is shown in the left-frame, I’ll chase the ticket.
For now I can’t blame you to drop Secure DNS stuartm. But I’ll keep pushing this should not happen!

Yes I submitted a ticket as of yet nothing doing. I will drop the dns until further notice. Should I try another dns or stick to my broadband suppliers dns ? Just tried dns advantage from their site no problems.

Ronny and Stuartm: Your tickets have been escalated to the next level.

If you want to try another DNS service for now, I would recommend one of these:

They both offer a Client/Utility that will easily allow you to Enable/Disable the DNS service whenever you want, so you can switch back to your Default DNS easily.

ClearCloud DNS offers the ability to report false positives from the block page.

Norton DNS offers Web Filtering, which is optional.

So one of those would be your best option at this time in my opinion, until Comodo DNS improves, hopefully. :slight_smile:

Or try Open DNS.

Dropped secure dns using clearcloud now any sign of a solution?

EricJH, have you tried the new Yahoo Mail beta on IE8? Mine goes to a ‘not responding’ state every time. Could it have something to do with the issue being discussed in this topic? Btw, I tried my Opera 11.10 and Masked as IE but it was no go.

I doubt it will be a problem with Comodo DNS.

If the problem with Yahoo would be with DNS then you can see that with Opera. In Opera I have the status bar set to pop up at the bottom and that will gives a lot of information. If the DNS look up takes time you will see a message about DNS look up being in progress. Usually you don’t see the message as DNS look up is pretty instant.

It was a Flash problem. If I disabled it, IE8 worked. I also found out the Opera works perfectly well - if you enable iFrames (groan).

Well, I spoke too soon. I had a chance to play around with it some more this weekend. It doesn’t freeze immediately every time, and not always at startup. I noticed a number of other bugs, too, and I hope that Yahoo considers this to be an early public beta.

As for Opera, I think another poster over there said it worked intermittently. It didn’t work for me on the second try. If IE is having problems, I would expect Opera to have even more in that it’s not even claimed to be supported.