Yahoo mail and Aol mail interfered with by Firewall

For the past week (7 days), I have been trying to get to my email addresses (yahoo and aol) on my home computer on all 3 browsers, but the same problem kept on happening. Iwon and Google email address worked fine. I tried flushing the DNS cache, deleting temp files, all the usual suspects including the HOSTS file, which was clean. I thought there was a virus but the Panda Cloud virus checker kept coming up clean. Therefore, I turned the firewall to Disabled and that fixed the problem on all 3 browsers. Not quite sure what happened since there was no problem in the past.

Windows 7, Service pack 1, 4GB RAM
Chrome v. 13…, Firefox 5, IE 9, etc.
Comodo 5.5.195786.1383
Panda Cloud Antivirus (can’t find the version #)

What are you firewall Application rules for the browsers? Also, are there any pertinent log entries?

Nothing appears in the log files for the past 8 days.

AS far as application rules go, I have it set to the usual:
Allow access to loopback zone
Allow outgoing HTTP requests
and so on and so forth, until…
block and log all unmatching requests.

On the Network security list, all the browsers listed are set to Allow IP Out from MAC any to MAC any where protocol is any.

I’m not sure what caused the problem in the firewall in the past week.

Can you explain exactly what happens when you attempt to connect to Yahoo? Perhaps you could post a screen shot of your firewall application rules.

Allow outgoing HTTP requests
Are you allowing outbound TCP port 443 for HTTPS?

It doesn’t say in the rules list. I’ll create a rule now and see what happens.

UPDATE: It partially worked. The yahoo mail website loads properly but it does not display emails. They just appear blank for some reason. AOL mail still is not accessible.

Here is a screenshot of my current Network Rules for web browsers.

[attachment deleted by admin]

If you’re using the pre-defined browser rule, it allows out to a port set called ‘HTTP ports’, which includes:


Yeah, I have that port set in my Pre-defined browser rules, which is part of the Allow Out requests package.

I’ve noticed the problem manifesting in other websites in different ways.
The first picture occurs when the firewall is set to Safe Mode.

The second picture occurs when the firewall is set to Disabled.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Have you created any blocked zones or block rules?

Are you using the Comodo predefined “web browser” rule for your browser/s or have you coded your own? I get the drift from your responses that you are coding your own. If you are coding your own rules, please post a screen shot of your browser/s application rule/s.

I do have some blocked zones, mostly ad sites like yieldmanager and doubleclick.

The rules for the browsers appear in the following. I have tried both predefined rules and the coded rules the browsers were originally set to, and the problem only changes slightly.

[attachment deleted by admin]

The first thing I’d do is temporarily disable the blocked zones and try the site again. As far as you browser rules, you don’t need to allow inbound connections as the firewall is stateful. You also only need to allow TCP out, typically on ports 80 and 443.

Edit: Make sure you’re not blocking an IP addresses in the range -, which is the block involved in hosting the images on and I would image most Yahoo hosted sites.