Yahoo Calendar Does Not Print Correctly

I am new to Comodo Dragon browser. I like everything so far except my Yahoo calendar does not print correctly. It prints correctly with IE, Google Chrome and Firefox. Any suggestions???

Does the Yahoo Calender page look right in Print Preview or is it also not shown right there?

It does look correct in print preview.

Are you running Dragon sanboxed or not sandboxed?

Just to clarify, are we talking about ‘Dragon’ or ‘IceDragon’? :-
I presume ‘IceDragon’ seeing that we have print preview function.


I am not familiar with the term “sanboxed or not sandboxed”. Please explain. Thanks!

Sharp observation… :slight_smile:

When you have Comodo Internet Security installed it is possible to run your browser in a secure environment known as sandbox. When it is sandboxed you will see a green border around the browser Window. See attached image.

The question is whether this is a problem with IceDragon or with your installation of IceDragon. The easiest to do this is to install IceDragon as a portable version. Run the installer of CID and choose the option “Install portable version”. Make sure to install in a different folder than your current CID. Then try printing again.

Keep us posted.

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I installed the portable version, and I still cannot print my Yahoo calendar correctly. Any other ideas? Thanks!

We may be looking at a bug. Did you make any changes to the default settings of CID?

I did not make any changes to the default settings.

Then I would call it a bug. Please report it in Bug reports - CIS following How to submit bug reports.