Yahoo and CIS

Hi, i just installed CIS, and it keeps me from yahoo webmail.**

**for example i can login by goin to “” but the little mail icon that yahoo displays by the clock(I am terrible at remembering the names of things like that), just pops open a new working internet explorer window and displays a warning that it can’t open the website.

The security in CIS is a little tight on situations like that, understandable but it keeps me from quickly accessing my webmail from that icon.

my question is there something i can do about it?

Are you using the Classic or the All New Yahoo mail?

Can you post a screenshot of the mail icon situation?

it basicly locks internet explorer from just running anything.

it will use yahoo messenger as the parent process and open internet explorer under it and it won’t just run it to the website, again the security rule that it is using is understandable but keeps me from doin this. at least that is what i think the problem is, any help will be helpful.
then again this should be in the other forum, for what i just described to you.

never mind, after a reboot it seemed to fix it self. sorry for the trouble, and thanks