XXXXXXXtremely Ssssssllllloooowwwww booot up!!!!

This is rediculous. I had issues with Zone Alarm so I chose to install Comodo and now it is taking forever to boot my system. I have tried booting into Safe Mode and it still drags. I finally hit the power button after 25 minutes of it hanging. What kind of product is this? Does anyone have any suggestions? I can’t even get into Safe Mode to uninstall now.


I just posted a topic on this same exact problem just yesterday (only a few below your post) after searching the forums and not finding anything similar.

If you wait long enough it WILL complete the boot to desktop then remove comodo and it should reboot fine. I’m in the process of trying out the beta to see if it solves this issue.

Thanks for the info. I am on my work machine and I need to get it off asap. I am trying BartPE right now. Are you on instant messenger? If so, let me know.

I tried a slew of things to get this to boot properly (last known good, fdisk /mbr, etc…) the “lets give it an hour” was the last step before I did a xpcd fix install.

Just removed CPF rebooted and installed the beta rebooted and at first it seemed a bit better (still slow) then it hung (just have mouse cursor on screen been 10+ mins so far).

So I’m giving up on Comodo I just don’t have the time for 20-30min reboots when Kerio/LnS work fine.

well, that’s not reassuring. I was waiting for the release hoping this type of mess would be gone by then.
Maybe someone having this problem, is there a way to log exactly what happens at boot up that would show this?
boot logging to show what the issue is.

removed a bunch of applications (ms defender and avast av being the big two) and my startup apps and while bootup was slower then normal it was within acceptable range. I’m in the process of reloading the removed apps to see if i can narrow it down.

update: the problem is with my Avast (and others). Doing some additional tests the PCs with Avast and thunderbird run Comodo just fine. The PCs with Avast/Comodo and Outlook 2003 boot up very slow. I’m thinking its something with the way the AV scans e-mail with Outlook

Since at least 1 of you guys with the slow-boot issue are using XP, may I suggest using BootVis to determine what is actually going on.

BootVis was originally written & released by MS. They pulled it without saying why. So, you’ll need to take this into consideration if you decide to try it. But, you can still get it from the above link.

In addition, I also have Outlook 2003 (although I rearely use it), avast! & CPF running under W2k without issue.