XP weirdness

I have several accounts on my XP machine.

When my wife logins to her account (normal user), XP complains that no firewall is running, even though I am logged in (as supervisor) and CPF is active.

What gives?

Hi and welcome,

The next version released this week / next week will solve this. Currently CPF does not support fast user switching, but is still protecting you even though it says no firewall is on.

Alternativeley you can try the beta of the new version which already supports this.

Again welcome to Comodo,

I can wait until the release.

On a different note:
I am currently running a beta.
How do I upgrade without losing my settings?

Are you using beta If you are you should not have this issue, but some have reported it. If so can you give details of you OS, etc.

To backup rules for upgrading export the registry keys in the following post then import it back when you install the new version.