XP->Vista x64 non accessible via firewall


I’ve got a following problem with Comodo Firewall. I’ve got small home network with 3 hosts:

  1. Windows XP, CIS (Antivir+Firewall)
  2. Laptop with Vista x32, CIS (Antivir+Firewall)
  3. Vista x64, CIS (Firewall) + Avast
  4. Router WAG200G (Linksys)

Firewall on the each host has defined network zone with mask Configuration of firewall is very simillar for each host, only some special applications has got different settings in the firewall. Based on this configuration shared folders should be accessible from each host. I use network zone in my configurations. And :
Vista x64 can access to shared folders from Vista x32 and XP.
Vista x32 can see Vista x64 and XP

But XP…
XP can see Vista x32 but cannot see Vista x64.

So the problem is visibility of Vista x64 from XP. I’ve disabled firewall (defense was running) on Vista x64 and XP can see shared folders on Vista x64. So the problem is firewall on Vista x64. I’ve also scanned ports. When firewall is enabled all the ports are blocked. When I disable it ports 135, 139, 445 are opened (as I wish).

I’ve tried to change global rules on Vista x64. I’ve deleted all of them, then I created rule with full access for all IPs with logging. But after action from XP, there were nothing in the log file. And of course I’ve still cannot access to Vista x64.

I’m not sure what’s blocks ports 135, 139 and 445 only for XP? It’s very strange. Maybe firewall for x64 has got some bugs?

My CIS version is the latest version of 3.5
CIS 3.8 x64 doesn’t work corretly because it blocks all (almost all?) the x32 applications. I hope comodo will correct it because two latest 3.8 versions have got the same problem. It isn’t also so nice because I’ve got two problems with comodo in the same time. >:( In the past comodo was working ok.

Any idea what to do with closed ports? ???