xp & vista support

Can someone from comodo confirm or deny that support has been dropped on xp and possibly vista.
On several xp machines the .6223 update caused disaster, bsod’s and explorer would not load the desktop have removed comodo firewall(no hips just auto-containment & firewall) on all xp that I work on, everything was fine prior to this update. I won’t allow vista to update till I hear something.


XP and Vista are still supported.

Indeed, for now they are still supported.

On the XP machines I would perform a clean uninstall and re-install using this guide and for vista just uninstall then install using the standalone installer from the release topic.

Already did all that, after failed update complete uninstall, dug out all the leftover entrails, clean install.
No joy, I’m done, can’t waste anymore time on this. I’m advising xp folks to not allow the update and if they did and have issues, uninstall and move on.

Which XP version is it, serta?

Both xp home and pro.