XP Support

I am just curious. Are you planning to stop supporting XP? I see now that only XP SP2 and Vista are supported. I would like to know the answer if possible.

Thank you. (B)

Hi Cassie, welcome to the forums.

As far as I know, there is no plan to stop supporting XP. I believe the XP SP2 is there as a minimum requirement for XP (ie. you need, at least, XP SP2 to run CFP).

Why wouldn’t you download SP2 or Sp3 unless you have a cracked version of XP.

CFP is working fine here on my WinXP SP3 :slight_smile:

Vettetech, you must have missunderstood me. I have a legal Windows XP Pro SP2. I will upgrade to SP3 soon (waiting for Microsoft to update SP3 cause I am AMD Athlon user, and there are some issues with it).

I meant, will Comodo stop supporting XP in future versions? Do you have a plan to abandon XP and realease future versions for Vista only? Hope you understand me now. Will you stop releasing Comodo for XP like you did for Win2000 when Comodo Firewall 3 was released? When Comodo 4 comes will it support XP too?


CFP should support XP - there are many users that won’t touch Vista and they’re the ones that that appreciate Comodo’s products and install them on other computers.
Joe Public will have Vista, due to ignorance, but would also trust Vista’s firewall and not even consider anything else.

Speculation based on uncertainties, but that is really all anyone can give you now. :slight_smile: I would expect that Comodo version x will drop XP support sometime after Windows 7 is deployed and when the XP user base drops below ~10% or so. Based on expense of maintaining multi-system compatibility for a diminishing class of users who can continue to use version x-1. So the dates are as certain as Windows 7 RTM and the EOL date for XP. Since lots of systems are just now getting their Vista versions going and W7 is on a receding horizon with resistance from XP users, expect several years. :slight_smile:

Cassie XP will still be good for years so stop your worrying. Comodo 2.4 is still around and supports XP.

I see. I should expect XP SP3 to be supported for years. That’s a great news! Thank you! (:KWL)

I would have thought that perhaps 80% of CFP users are on XP so cannot see it’s support disappearing for a good few years yet myself. have no desire to update to Vista with all it’s anomalies.

Vista is junk in my eyes and thats why when I ordered my Dell Gaming Laptop I had XP installed.

I know that there’s still v2.4, but there’s no reason why v3.*, at the last update that supports XP, shouldn’t remain permanently available.
Any sigs., white/blacklists could still be updated as they needn’t be version-specific.

I wouldn’t worry too much about XP support, XP is the OS with the largest market share for desktop and notebook computers. It wouldn’t be very smart for any security vendor to stop XP support :wink: