Under XP SP3 32 Bits, for windows updates & microsoft updates, if any addons, what addons should be there in internet explorer under manage addons?

As far as I know & use it on my XP SP3 - none if you are using IE (important!)
aside note: I never use Auto-update, which can cause issues (confirmed by MS) , but only - notification about available “security tampons”
MS will just check the appropriate ActiveX being installed & will alert you to check the signature in case you have a message about installing some “new” ActiveX … like that helps a lot :smiley:


MUWebControl Class - Microsoft Update

WUWebControl Class - Windows Update

I have automatic update enabled. When I tried windows update there was mentioned get microsoft update & I clicked on it & enabled microsoft update.

I am confused, in the internet explorer whether both the above mentioned addons should be there or only MUWebControl Class should be there as it updates both windows & microsoft products.

When I first checked for windows updates it asked to install windows updates active x which I installed & when I clicked get microsoft updates it asked to install microsoft update active x which I installed.

But in internet explorer only microsoft update addon is there, windows update addon is not there.