How do I install 376 with XP SP3?

SP3 has no effect on install Comodo. Install it like you would anything else. The most current version of Comodo is

Thats what I used to think also!

Now I know I have a major problem

Any Ideas?

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Well I have SP3 on both my machines and it installs just fine. I just did a new install of Comodo last week. Where are you downloading Comodo from? What version are you trying to install? Are you currently using Comodo?

Vettetech is 100% correct in asking these questions. Once its firmly established that in almost all cases, that SP3 has no negative effects on comodo3 and its install routines, the next logical questions becomes why does it have a negative effect on your computer? Never construe those questions as an attempt to deny that you have a problem.

And if we can, as a collective forum, isolate the causes or causes, of this SP3 problem that effects you, we can help not only you but the rare others with the same problems.


I see that you refer to version ‘376’. As far as I know, none of the latest versions (stable or BETA) uses ‘376’ in the version number. Actually, according to the Release History for v3, there’s no version with ‘376’.
Also, I’ve installed the latest version on Windows XP SP3 without any problems.
Try downloading CFP 3 from the official website: