XP SP3 trojans


Men! I’ve been reformting my system for 2 days, following repeated probs with trojans and viruses, and it turn out that some were within the XP SP3 updates!! Thanks to comodo btw, great app, keep up the good work.

The trojan? “…daisybot…” I’m sorry I can’t actually recall the name of these trojans…

just a word of warning


Ah… :-\

Well, I hate to tell you this. Daisy is the name of the AI that helps to classify malware for Comodo. She apparently had a bit of an issue and was producing all manner of false positives.

In other words, all of your reformatting was unnecessary as there was no actual threat, just a misbehaving computer program on Comodo’s end that was producing imaginary threats.

Im not surprised, im a bit more aware of false positives…, live and learn :slight_smile:

I recall now that there was an issue with HTML Guardian (Which has always thrown F/P for me), and I recall comodo stating that C:\WINDOWS\Help\SBSI\Training\orun32.exe was infected during SP3 inst.

Thought I’ve seen elsewhere online of other complaints about SP3, using different antivirus apps, but I’ve skipped SP3 for now until I’m a bit more aware, no worries.

I got a warning that my C;\I386\svcpack\KB884020.exe was Heur.Suspicious@25599202

on Win XP SP3

Is that a false positive as well?

Probably, but you’ll want to submit it to be sure and have the FP fixed if it is one.

Comodo Malware Analysis

I would suggest to submit the file to Virus Total as well to see what other scanner think. It may be a bad program. I never seen this type of path, which suggest service pack storage, in the first place. In the second place the service pack files storage does not contain installers.