XP SP3 Locks And Tray Animation Missing

Hi -

  • Windows XP SP3
  • Local WiFi network (2 desktops, 1 notebook, 2 printers)
    • All 3 computers running the same version of COMODO & XP
    • 3.14.130099.587
    • Virus db 3956

After the last update (about a week ago) the notebook began freezing, sometimes before login, sometimes as late as desktop. I still haven’t resolved this issue. Today my main desktop froze in the same fashion. I rebooted (F8) and booted to last known good configuration. I successfully logged in, but the CIS tray animation no longer works. It’s checked, but it doesn’t work.

With the notebook, I noticed that the freezing coincided with a Windows update gold shield. With the desktop today I noticed it coincided with a Windows “unused desktop icons” notice, which is very rare to appear.

I have mentioned in another thread (https://forums.comodo.com/other_general_gui_etc_bugs/bsod_inspectsys_cis_312111745560_xp_32bit-t46435.0.html) that the ONLY time I ever have trouble with COMODO is when Microsoft Windows is attempting to do something.

  1. Can you give me some insight with respects to the notebook? Do I need to uninstall and then reinstall COMODO? My problems have been so infrequent I can’t remember.

  2. What about my CIS tray animation on my desktop? Is it something I need to be concerned about?

Thanks, I’ll look forward to your reply.

BTW - Is Shields UP!! (Shields UP!! — System Error) still considered to be a good test of a firewall, or is there better?

Also - should I need to uninstall/reinstall COMODO should I disconnect my router?

ShieldsUp! Is still a good site for testing your firewall. You can downolad their leak tester here:

Download GRC Firewall Leak Tester 1.2: GRC | LeakTest -- Firewall Leakage Tester  

How to use: GRC | LeakTest -- How to Use Version 1.x  

You can download Comodo LeakTests here: https://forums.comodo.com/leak-testingattacksvulnerability-research/comodo-leak-test-suite-updated-version-t30110.0.html;msg217573#msg217573

The link is at the bottom of the first post in the link above (CLT.rar).

How to use LeakTests

  1. Unpack to an empty folder.
  2. Enter the folder.
  3. Run clt.exe
  4. Allow clt.exe to run when prompted.
  5. Block all further requests when prompted by your firewall.
  6. Perfect score: 340/340

With regards to the freezing. Do you have “Block all unknown request if the application is closed” enabled (Defense + → Advanced → Defense + Settings)? That may explain something.

Can you show the D+ logs of the laptop to see if things are getting blocked during boot time? The logs can be found under Defense + → Common Tasks → View Defense + events.

Regarding XP and systray icons: How To: Fix Missing System Tray Icons at Windows XP startup . Does that bring any clarity or solace?