XP-SP3 and CFPv3 cannot Trust apps anymore

I have the latest version of CFP installed ( on Windows XP Pro. I installed it while I had SP2+updates installed. I recently installed XP SP3 (final release version, using standalone installer). Ever since then, D+ no longer allows me to select “Trusted Application” or “Windows System Application” - the ONLY available selection in the combo box is “Installer or Updater”. Can anyone give me hints to troubleshoot this please?

I installed SP3 and that didnt happen on any machine I have. When you get a D+ pop up installer/updater always shows but not selected. You need to click on it and select what you need from the drop down menu.

Have a look under Defence+/Advanced/Predefined Security policies,to see what`s listed there.

You can add your own if you want,They are both the same just go to “ADD”/Name it, set as screen shot and “Apply to close all windows”


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I don’t think thats what he means Matty. He means when he gets a D+ alert. Also try to re import your optimal configuration by going to Miscellaneous\Manage My Configuration.

Well, that’s just the thing. Yes, I understand the combo box defaults to “Installer or Updater” and I must select the option button in order to enable the combo box. But there is nothing ELSE listed in that combo box once I do select it… and before I installed SP3, there WERE.

As far as the Predefined Security Policies, the list is empty (most likely this is where that combo box is filled in from). I’d like to know how do I get it back? Should I do an uninstall/reboot/reinstall dance for CFP?

Try doing what I said. Try re importing your settings.

OK, here’s a dumb question, then. Import from what - I’ve never exported/backed up any, as I’ve never known about this advanced option screen. :frowning:

Have you tried the Diagnostics tool under Miscellaneous?

Select the optimal security option and click apply. Go to Miscellaneous\Manage My Configuration. I already told you how to do this. If it doesn’t work then simply uninstall and reinstall.

I can’t ad programs to mu trusted software vendors. If i try to ad from a runing proces(eg AVAST, SPybot, BOC… i have got that message (:SAD)


Some days ago i formated my PC and i installed windows with my Nlited Win XP sp3. since that moment i’ve got this problem.

Wrong thread and this is a bug in the latest version. See other posts.

The Trusted Software Vendors thing is a bit of trial and error. I think it was one of the executables in the Avast directory for the Awil Trusted Vendor to be added. CBoClean is a Comodo product so therefore automatically trusted.


Excuse me but this thread isnt about trusted software vendors. Take notice modders.

I tried that - it detected errors and claimed it fixed them. But after a reboot I still saw the same issues. I could change the mode to “Network Security” mode, and the other options appeared; but under “Optimal Security” mode they were blank.

I then uninstalled CFP completely, rebooted, removed any stray files, then installed from the latest installer, rebooted, and all appears well now.

Hate to say it but thats what I do whenever I have a problem with any software. I uninstall and reinstall. Presto fixed.

I can confirm the problem under Vista (clean install). It is also discussed here: https://forums.comodo.com/bug_reports/3022349_d_my_trusted_software_vendors-t22089.0.html;msg154334#msg154334 and reported by 3xist.

FOR CRYING OUT LOUD PEOPLE. The OE poster is not talking about the trusted software vendor bug. READ his post and respond with help if you can.

It’s because of Rafael’s post that some of us are getting confused with the original question.