XP SP2 MS Auto Updates Help

How do I set a Defense policy to allow the monthly Microsoft updates to install without pop ups. I did find 2 instances of update.exe in distribution software. Can I safely set these as installer/updater. I don’t have this issue with Vista. The updates install without pop ups.

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The reason why this is tricky, is because when updates are installed, new files are created, so as far as D+ is concerned these are new files, so it will alert you. However, it is safe to set D+ into ‘learning mode’ or temporarily disable D+ when you install updates.

Are you saying that there is no way to allow auto updates without pop ups in XP SP2?

Why does Vista update without pop ups?

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Put Defence + in Training Mode otherwise some updates may fail.When updating use the Installation mode

I have been using the installation mode. I don’t want to forget to change it back and leave my pc unprotected as in learning mode.

My goal here is to have fully unattended updates.

Can I do this in XP SP2?


If yes, Can someone please tell me how?

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That is impossible with ANY soloution that provides a similar service like D+. Because when a program updates, its files are updated, so it will alert you to the changes…Stick D+ in learning mode, and you will not need to attend updates.

You can set Windows Updates to download but not install. I actually have Windows Updates shutoff. Most sites I visit tell you on a daily basis whats going on. You can always maually log into Windows Update site and check to see if you have updates. D+ in learning mode can still protect you enough. I actually set my counsins pc up so that Windows Updates download but dont install. Then when he has a pronpt that there are Windows Updates ready to be installed the he switches Comodo to install mode and D+ to learn mode. Once the updates are in and you reboot then switch Comodo back to where you had it. (CLY)

Thanks to all who have replied so far.

Is there a difference between setting update.exe for Anti Vir to Installer/Updater , and Windows/software distrbution/download/cadft…/update/update.exe to Installer/Updater?

Since Anti Vir does unattended updates I’m having a hard time understanding why I can’t do the same with windows updates.

Keep in mind that my vista pc will do unattended Windows updates, and I did not set that up in Defense+ Policy’s.

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Installer/Updater does not tell Comodo what to do with a program. It merely tells Comodo what that part of the program does. For instance. I use SuperAntiSpyware. After installing Comodo and launching SuperAntiSpyware I then updated SuperAntiSpyware then closed it out. I then opened up Comodo and went into my D+ settings and found 2 entires of SuperAntiSpyware. One was the exe itself and the other was the updater. I switched the exe. to trusted and the updater to installer/updater. This does not mean Comodo will update SuperAntiSpyware for me I just merely told Comodo what the 2 D+ entries were and what they did. Default is custom for most apps. Just change your Windows Updates to download but not install. Then when they are ready to install change Comodo to install mode.

Edit: I thought that when you set an update.exe file to installer/updater that Comodo would give the executable enough privileges to complete an update without pop ups.

I would like to thank you for your time and effort.

I will do as you have suggested.

Please chime in on this topic as I will monitor it for updates.

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Do as who does? Me?

Yes Vettetech I will do as you have said which is basically what I have done so far.

Please read my edit above as I do understand what installer/updater does.

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The only get pop ups from D+ when I install something but I never get any from when NOD32 updates itself.


Thats my point, why can’t we do that with Windows updates.

Windows Updates are OS updates and usually large files that include exe.s and other things such as patches. Virus scan updates are minor little updates to keep your virus scan dat files up to date. Windows Updates and Virus scan updates are 2 different things. Now if you updated then entire virus scan program and all then that would be different. That would involve using install mode. I just installed a new version of NOD32 and had to use install mode. Do you understand the difference between updating an entire program or OS as compared to updating virus scan dat files?

Now that I can sink my teeth into as explanation of why I can’t update Windows unattended.

You are very patient and knowledgeable!

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