XP SP2 freezes with comodo

I installed comodo yesterday, and all seemed to go well. But, usually 5 - 15 minutes after starting the computer suddenly freezes completely - no mouse or keyboard response at all, no screen update, only thing to do is push the button and reboot.

This is XP SP2, comodo version If I leave the computer alone it does not seem to happen, only when I am on it doing something. Usually it has happened when I was using a browser. I use Opera, but when it happened repeatedly I tried using Firefox instead, and it froze even faster. There are no other applications running on the machine besides the normal background ones. I even shut down my virus checker to make sure it was no interaction with that, and it still happened.

I have looked through the forums and found nothing addressing this, since a bug for a similar freeze was fixed in an older version. Are there any ideas for what I could try? I don’t want to have to find another firewall, but if I can’t use a browser this doesn’t work for me.



to my experience it does not freeze on itself, yet.

However when i runned Shareaza and Opera updated one forum, downloading above 3000 messages in different groups, the PC became extremely slow.
I then tried to kill Opera or PsSuspend it - and Win2k3 hanged completely.

I just downloaded this app about a week ago, after clean installing my os so I’m just learning Comodo. I have also experienced periodic hangs but I just had a huge system freeze. I was filling-in one of those hour-long job applications in IE. More specifically, I was copying & pasting text from Word into this job aplication in IE. Then Comodo popped asking to allow/deny IE. I said allow. Then my whole computer froze. Had to do a hard shutdown. I’m running the latest version.

Win Xp SP2 2.66Ghz processor 1gGB RAM
Bare Bones services running.
Other running apps: Nod32 and Admuncher.
Total running processes including comodo: 18

Any ideas what it could be? Like I said, I also experience small system hangs(1 or 2 seconds ea)since I installed this app. Thanks so much. :slight_smile:

A suggestion: try Scan for known applications wizard. Reboot, is it better now?

No luck here.

I also get major lock-up issues with WinXP Pro SP2 requiring a reboot every 20 minutes or so.

I have had to go back to ZoneAlarm.

I’ll give Comodo another go when a new version is released.


Hi,I use Comodo firewall and antivirus.All it’s OK. (:KWL)I tell why?First of all I clean my computer then use defragmet tool.I have netscape broser(Avantbroser).It’s not up the XP SP2,I think.Try these things.Eric(Erkki) (:CLP)