XP services

it is not directly a question to CPF. I think that I have done something wrong with my services and this is the reason for my problems. And therefore I ask firstly this:

Which services on XPwin I CANNOT disable?

Which I can put into manual state?

If I am sitting at one PC behind a router?

P.S.: Because I disabled almost all services (:NRD) and after months/years of p2p I have trouble with my torrent and now I do not know what I should do now with the newest CPF on my XPSP2.

Last days I am flooded with ICMP=port unreachable combined with high risk flags Blocked by Protocol Analysis (Invalid Flag Combination) -ACK FIN RST is an invalid TCP flag combination.

I do not know whats the meaning of “ACK FIN RST is an invalid TCP flag combination”.



bluesman for quick answer. I am not expert and this is helpfull.

But as you statet above:
My question was exactly-Which services I CANNOT disable?

E.G.: especially for running with CPF. More threads are here about windows firewall coexisting with CPF. Whaut about disablinf windows firewall. BUT not ONLY firewall. E.g. I have disabled the ICF/ICS service as whole unneeded service.

With disabled services i run many years, because waste amount of protocols and services I simply do not need, or better if I say I have only known services running.

But last few days after upgrading CPF (I use CPF only few months-because its free (:LGH)) I have these problems, that my torrent client cannot upload/download. And this is not only with CPF, because after enabling all it works, but not alltime.

I have no application or component banned.

Hmmm, maybe it is bounded with one application in beta stage which need ssl library. Hmm, I am back after some hours sleeping and so on. Then I will refer if it was this.

I have 5 services running (including Comodo) and CPF runs fine.
You might need some services like DHCP to receive IP and so on.

yes, yes, OK you understand me, but for me you have two unneded services -PlugPlay and Themes and maybe WinAudio too.

The problem is maybe not in CPF. But these problems occurs after updating CPF, because I have no made any other changes in configuration.

Now I have deinstalled CPF, but still I have problems with torrents- maybe my service provider taken an action. :-\

I do not know. I will report, if I find solution.