xp security center


after installing comodo firewall xp security says that comodo pro reports that it is currently turned off but is this right? as the icon in the bottom right say all systen are up and running if so should i tick i have a firewall solution i will monitor myself as security center icon is also showing



If you have the BETA it might not detect it because it’s a BETA software.
Anyways, to fix all future problem with the most stupid thing with SP2, the security center, run ‘services.msc’ and disable the stupid service named ‘Security center’.
What does it do?
Tells you if you don’t have a firewall or AV, tells you to enable automatic updates.
Okay, don’t you know best yourself if you have a firewall and/or AV and if it/they work?
And don’t you enable automatic updates yourself if you want to?
I wouldn’t worry about security center not detecting your firewall, I’d rather trash security center than make it detect CPF.
That’s my opinion, keep it if you want, but it’s one of those good-for-nothing .



I have comodo version what you are say makes perfect sence as i have had antivirus that has not been detected by xp security in the past. thanks for your prompt replay.