XP Security Center Integration

Good evening-

Please answer each one of my questions, especially this one concerning Windows Explorer integration that adds an option with which you can scan files for viruses directly in Windows Explorer?

Is there XP Security Center integration? Is the program fully compatible with Windows® XP Security Center?

Does Windows automatically recognize that I have valid and up-to-date virus protection?

Does it perform Heuristic analysis?

Does CAVS place a heavy load on my system, eating up the processor power I need for my applications?

Does it give comprehensive protection against viruses, worms,
Trojans and dialers?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help.



Version 1.1 beta currently does not support windows security center and is not recognised as an up to date antivirus by it. However, from beta 2 I believe CAVS will be recognised. CAVS beta 2 should be released 18th September with a stable mid-October.

CAVS has heuristics with the options of high, recommended and low scanning options.

Version 1.1 does have a high resource useage. But, from version 2 Comodo have reduced this useage significantly.

CAVS can detect viruses, worms, trojans, dialer, keyloggers, spyware, adware and all other malware. However, the beta versions don’t have all the necessary signatures especially for the antispyware part, but this will change in a few weeks with the stable release.