XP remote desktop to XP: Comodo says no! [Resolved]

;D Hi,

I am a rookie with firewall stuff parameters. I tried to remote from a XP box to another XP box with Comodo pro 2.4. The access was denied. What I have to do?

Thank you.

I had this problem with 2 XP computers on the same network right after I installed Comodo on the Remote Desktop client.

The problem was that I forgot to set up a trusted network in Comodo.
To do this:

Open Comodo Firewall
Click the Security tab
Click Tasks
Click Define a new Trusted Network and follow instructions there.

After the network was set up, Comodo displayed the usual “do you want to allow this?” pop-up when I tried to run Remote Desktop.

That’s it.

You should probably also define a trusted network on the server (the computer that you’re remotely connecting to) if you have Comodo on it.