XP Remote Desktop Question

I just switched from another firewall to Comodo and I had a question about how to get my RDP working again.

I went into the application monitor and added mstsc.exe. Then used the following settings:

General Tab: Action : Allow
Protocol : TCP/UDP

Destination IP:
Single IP: (Thats the Comp I need to access)

Destination Port:
3389 (Default RPD Port)

Miscellaneous: Nothing checked off

With these settings I still cannot connect to my computer via rdp. Is there something I missed since Im still fumbling around this app :slight_smile:

Thanks in advanced :wink:

Welcome to the forum.
You should try to set the in/out rules separate. When you set IN, the destination is your computer. Out, the other way around.

If it doesn’t work, check your logs in activity/logs. You might have to set a network rule for it too.

You sometimes have to restart the firewall after making new rules, before they apply.