XP Prob

2 days back I formatted & reinstalled XP & updated to latest.

Sometimes the screen goes black but I think the system is not shut down coz the lights on the laptop are there & when I press the power button on the laptop there is the system shut down sound & the lights on the system goes off.

What could be the prob?

Could it be graphic driver prob like didn’t installed correctly or something?

Hi Naren,
Is this when the computer is idle?
If yes, it could be the power options settings.

When it goes black, the only way is to restart the system with the power button on the laptop.

It happened 3 times, 2 times I was browsing net & 1 time I was checking event viewer. Event Viewer didn’t showed any error.

It is probably related to the settings for sleep and hibernate and how to come back from those states.