XP locking up after boot

Hi all, newly registered user here. I have recently started using CFP and CAV. Thanks for the free software btw.

I seem to be having a problem though… I first installed CFP to replace Zonealarm. I uninstalled Zonealarm completely first. Everything seemed fine for a while and then all of a sudden after booting up the PC, it would lock up completely the minute I try to click any icon or do anything. I need to now do a hard reboot to get it to come back up. I sometimes need to reboot this way 3 or 4 times before I can access any programs. I am using version, database version 3.0.

I have since installed CAV, version, with a succesful update this morning. I read somewhere that this is a known issue with CAV, but this has been happening since before I installed CAV.

I am running Windows XP Home edition on a P4 2.8 ghz with 2gb ram.

Any ideas ?

Hi Bill, welcome to the forums.

As you’ve discovered, CAVS has more “form” in this area… although I don’t believe the latest CAVS causes any such problems. When CFP is involved it is usually a low-level conflict with something else. So, given that you had this issue before you installed CAVS, I suspect that ZA might have left something behind (ZA has previous “form” on this). But, you also said that for a time CFP worked without any problems. That suggests that its not ZA, but something that was installed/updated later. What other security applications have you installed since you installed CFP (it doesn’t matter if they have been disabled or uninstalled)? Thanks.

Hi Kail,

How can I search for anything that ZA might jave left behind ? I run a registry cleaner regularly and run spybot and adaware weekly. I have not installed anything new since I installed CAV. I followed some other advice I found here on the forum to disable On access scanner and HIPS. My PC booted perfectly this morning with no lock up. Knock on wood. What is weird is that this was happening b4 I installed CAV ?