XP Install.....? CD drive not working.

How to install XP? CD drive is not working i.e it is not reading the disc. When I boot from CD nothing happens & the system starts normal i.e I press F12 & highlight CD/DVD & enter & then on the black screen I dont get anything like press any key to boot from CD & after sometime the system starts normally.

I want to format & install. The system is working. Inside from the system too no disc is working. Any way to format & install? Easy way? Coz I googled for install from USB but I find everything so complicated & hard for me to understand & apply all the procedures.


Looks like your CD player is malfunctioning, can you verify cabling and swap it with a working one to see if that resolves the issue?
Does the BIOS boot recognize your CD player?

Do other CD’s work in the drive, or is it just the Windows disk that has problems?

As the other guys have said:

  1. verify the drive works by testing another CD.
  2. Unplug and reseat the cables.
  3. Check if the drive shows in the BIOS.

To create a boot USB is really very easy, just use something simple like WinToFlash or if you want more use LiveXP

Its a Dell Laptop. CD/DVD R/RW. Previously DVD had stopped reading but now CD has also stopped reading. I dont know why & how? No malware. Tried a lot of CD & DVD too but none works.

I cannot do the cabling & swaping coz I dont know all these stuffs, not experienced enough plus dont have tools to unscrew the laptop.

How to check if the drive shows in BIOS or BIOS boot recognize CD player?


I want to format the harddisk & install the default XP (nothing extra or no modification).

I checked the 2 softwares you have mentioned. I guess with WinToFlash I can do the default XP install, right? But with LiveXP one cannot do default XP install, one has to choose the already prepared project, m I right?


As it’s a laptop, the drive is probably a sealed unit, so you should be able to release it via some sort of clip on the underside of the case and then reinsert the drive. If you’re unsure just download the manual from Dell.

Before doing that, if you haven’t already, make sure the drive appears in Device manager and make sure any Dell drivers necessary have been installed, assuming you have Windows on the laptop, or is this the Linux box?

WintoFlash is probably going to be easier for you, as it’s mostly point and click. LiveXP is very powerful but is a little harder to get to grips with.

Yes the drive appears in device manager & it also mentions working properly. I also tried reinstalling driver but no success.

Do you mean to say, only CD drive can be removed & inserted back or the whole case has to be opened?

Searching for my laptop manuals. I guess I have kept it somewhere.


If Windows is seeing the drive it may just need cleaning, there again, it may mean the laser is broken. Usually Dell supply a diagnostics CD/DVD which has tests for the optical disks. If you don’t have it I’m sure you can download it again.

To remove/replace the drive, usually there’s either a release catch on the side of the case, or, as on one we have, you have to unscrew the cover over the memory to access the release. It’s in the manual.

I have done a few Dell’s and all of them had a ■■■■■, so you probably need to open it up.

How’s the warranty already expired?
If you don’t trust your self with that find someone who can assist, or bring it to a repair-shop.

Can I use nlite XP iso with wintoflash? Coz f8 is not working here on licence agreement of xp install. The unattended mode of nlite bypasses the licence step.


Wintoflash - Advanced Mode - Setup parameters - Setup level=User Selected - EULA Accepted.

You mean in advanced mode customization/tweaking is there?


Have you read the help or tutorial?

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I just selected the default i.e auto coz it mentioned recommended for most users so I thought advanced mode may be not my cuppa tea. But I think advanced mode is what I need & its not that difficult.

Thanxx for the screenshots.

Will post the outcome here whether XP installation was successful or not, possibly tomorrow I will try this.


Today I tried WinToFlash with Advanced Mode. I didn’t changed anything in advanced mode & kept all the default selections. I only changed Setup Parameters to User Defined & selected only 1 option i.e accept the eula. The procedure went fine.

When I tried to install XP, it mentions Drive D is corrupted & cannot be repaired. Setup cannot continue. Press F3 to exit.

Drive D is my CD/DVD Drive.
C Drive is HardDisk.

What should I do now?


You could take a look at Problems and solutions

nlite + wintoflash successfully installed XP SP2 & updated to SP3 successfully too.

Thanxx for everything frds.


The CD/DVD drive is given the letter E by the XP USB install. Can I change it to D through disk management? Will there be any prob?