XP hangs on first run


I’ve had Comodo firewall and antivirus on my personal laptop (XP pro, sp 2) for about a year and am very pleased with it.

The company I work for, however installed AVG on my workstation (XP pro, sp 2, fairly high spec ), which I had no problems with until the latest version which often hung Outlook and had a very irritating “pre-view” feature for websites.

Anyway, I decided to ditch AVG and install Comodo antivirus.

After uninstalling AVG and restarting, I installed the latest version, and restarted (as required). Some of my start-up apps started, but the PC hung and was unresponsive.

I tried restarting a few times, with no further luck - after a few of the start-up apps (SQL Express server, Synergy, etc) started, the PC became unresponsive. I could see the Comodo processes at work in the Task manager, but nothing was eating up a large amount of RAM

I then reverted to an earlier restore point, and restarted as normal.

I decided to try again : uninstalled AVG, restarted, installed Comodo, restarted, and once again my machine hung.

I have had to go back to the system restore point before I installed Comodo for the first time.

Now, the question is this: I have a 250 GB drive, and I do know that Comodo wants to scan the machine at first run. Was I simply being impatient ( I waited more than 1/2 and hour) or is this hanging a more serious thing?

Err… oops - should have posted in the v2 forum, I downloaded 2.0 Beta - but I was waiting for my workstation to reboot, so I couldnt check the version when I posted the above!

I had a similar problem with some versions of Comodo (but not others) - pc hanging or looping at reboot after installing Comodo.
I discovered that it was caused by a file system service that was installed with the program Ahead Nero (CD burning prog)
If you run msconfig and see “InCD” anywhere under ‘Services’ or ‘Start up’ , then try unchecking it to stop it running.
This solved my Comodo problem.


Thanks - while I have Nero installed, I do not have it set to run on start-up.

I guess the best option is to unset the various start-up apps and see if it works.

Thanks for the response.

Hello Scudsucker,
I didn’t have Nero set to run at start up either, and it wasn’t running unless I opened the program, but I think somehow the InCD part of it runs without actually having Nero running. Apparently the presence of InCD can react with some programs and cause that problem.

There was no reference to InCD in my “Startup” but there was under “Services”.
I unchecked its box there and the problem was solved.
Might pay you to run msconfig and look under “Services” and if you find any reference to “InCD” then try unchecking it and see if that works.

Don’t worry, you are not the first person to experience problems with Comodo Antivirus hanging your computer. I myself had the problem when testing CAV. I’m sorry to inform you that I believe you must wait until the new release in order to solve this problem. However, there are plenty of good free antiviruses to keep you safe.

(in order of what i prefer the best first)

  1. Avast
  2. Avira
  3. AVG

Keep in mind, I put Avast! first because it also detects spyware, whereas avira cut spyware detection in the free version.