XP Firewall switches On unnoticed

Greetings all,

{XP Pro, SP2; CFP v3.latest}

I never encountered the described below with v2…
XP Firewall (if we may call it F wall) is OFF. Since CPF v2 it is switched off even during installation as I remember.
Lately when I started one of Apps. I got this ugly blue XP security message … What-tha…? I forgot about it already.
I jumped in Security Center and found that XP FW is ON. ???
Then I recall that couple of days ago I was looking for some settings because I could not print from another computer on my LAN. That was fixed.
I can print, LAN is working: CPF v2 on W2000 and v3 on XP.
Sure, I switched XP Fw Off again.
But then being suspicious I tested and found that if I go through, say “Setup Home Office” or will change some Shares for Drives or Folders XP FireW-■■■■■■-All will be silently switched ON.
Now,… probably it may not create a lot of problems concerning conflicts with Comodo FireWall, but it seems to me I don’t want even to think about such probabilities and/or other implications. It should be only one firewall working.

Is it any chance to prevent such silent FW switching - so that Comodo will notify me (us) about any attempt to activate XP (or any other firewall)?

Thanks in advance
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I have also experienced this problem, where I switched OFF the Windows FW, installed 3rd party FW such as Comodo - only to discover later that the Windows Firewall is ON again ! I agree that it’s not a good idea to have 2 firewalls running at the same time.

In my case, I learned that the source of the problem was the Network Connection software that came pre-installed on my Lenovo laptop. They call it “Access Connections” - and buried deep in the configuration preferences, the default setting for Windows Firewall was set to “Enable”. Once I changed this setting, the problem was gone forever!

So - if you’re using any 3rd party software (other than Microsoft WinXP) to manage your network connection, you might want to check there, and see if you also have a setting that automatically opens the Windows FW when you make a network connection.

Good luck !

I have a Thinkpad T60 and currently using Access Connection. Do you remember where in the configuration you seen the Windows Firewall setting? I’m not able to find it. (:SAD)

I have a Thinkpad T60 and currently using Access Connection. Do you remember where in the configuration you seen the Windows Firewall setting? I'm not able to find it.

I have Access Connections 4.42, and here’s how I stop the Windows Firewall:

(1) Open Access Connections - on the top menu choose Locations > Manage Profiles
(2) Highlight your active Profile and then click on “Edit”
(3) In the “Edit” screen that now opens, select the tab labelled “Additional Settings”
(4) Place a check in the line labelled “Network security”, and then click on the box labelled “Settings …”
(5) Uncheck the 3rd box “Enable Windows Firewall” - click OK > OK >OK , and close app.

I have the same problem without any Access connection 3 prty program!

Thank you. That was hidden. I never thought of looking under Locations. I was looking at every setting under Configure.

Hi Guys and Developers… and Girls,

It is good to find out where to switch XP Firewall back OFF whether settings are in 3rd party SW or in Windows Control Panel Security Center.

The point is that it is probably better for Comodo to check this thing.
For sure it could be done on every Sys Startup.
But because switching ON may happen in current session during going through Network Settings (various ways ), etc. something has to be done in Comodo to catch or monitor such event.

What do you think? (:WIN)

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Hi - I agree that it’s inconvenient to hunt for other software on your system that might be triggering Windows Firewall.

However, I don’t want Comodo Firewall to be able to change any settings of any other programs. Trojans and other malwares do that sort of thing, and I don’t want my firewall or HIPS to behave like a trojan. I’d rather live with the inconvenience of managing my other networking or security software myself rather than turning over control to CPF.

… my 2 cents.

Hi trench3,
Well, CPF has “a bit of a control” (:WIN) anyway and we kinda have to thank it for that.
Then, since it is not just advisable to shut down XP FW, but CPF IS doing that during installation (correct me if I am wrong), so I don’t see any harm to check and do it on Startup too.
In my other remarks I was mainly suggesting monitoring and notifying about this particular event. How that different to some messages about other modifications attempts we are seeing?
Finally, CPF anyway performing some modifications (silently) strictly speaking.
In any case it’s a bit to strong to call it Trojan/Malware-like behaviour concerning this particular issue.
Cheers :SMLR

Its somewhat unfair to blame comodo for the SP2 firewall turning itself on. Because its windows code that does that. Anytime I set up a ICS network, no matter what firewall I have, the ■■■■ SP2 firewall will automatically turn itself on no matter how it was previously set, and its a fact of life and an unmitigated nuisance with win XP.

And by now, I simply count on it happening. Its easy to fix temporarily. Just go to the control panel,
open firewall center, turn off the SP2 firewall, and then go to the security center, make sure its off,
and then click the recommend tab, and be sure to check the box of I have another firewall I will monitor myself.

But anytime some event stresses the network or internet connection, I always check to see if the SP2 firewall has decided to open up to complicate my day. It only takes a few minutes to clunk it over the head and send the SP2 firewall back to bed.

Hi Osage,
I left that part of your message just to stress that there were no “blaming of Comodo” ( (R) ) neither in my initial message nor in discussions.
Other than that I do agree with all you wrote.
The only thing to add is that it will be nice to have developers and Gurus opinion about implications (if any) of such “XP/Firewall” (highlighted) behavior.

My regards (:WAV)

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