XP firewall - leave on? [Resolved]

Apologies if this is too basic but when you have installed Comodo’s Firewall should you switch off the XP firewall? To go one step further should you uninstall the XP firewall assuming it is possible to uninstall this utility.
I am using XP-he and 602 Suite on an Acer Aspire (Intel Celeron). I have installed your Firewall and Virus program. The installation was faultless and the Virus checker is updating automatically. No apparent problems with your beta edition on my system. Thank you for this excellent security software.

Yes, turn OFF the XP Firewall. Only one FW should be running, never more than one. This is the advice that all Firewall products give AFAIK.

Thank you Streetwolf. I had turned it off but I was wondering if two FWs gave you twice the protection, but it clearly doesn’t work like that.

My thought regarding the XP firewall is that it could probably be left on with no problems although I wouldn’t do it myself.

The XP firewall is so basic that it probably wouldn’t interfere with another firewall. In fact I have left it on inadvertently many times after installing a new firewall and I don’t recall ever having a problem.

It is ok to leave on your Windows Firewall, because it doesn’t use anny of your memory. I turn it off, because I think it is useless. Obviously the first thing hackers will be able to hack is a firewall used by every computer (Windows Firewall). So, I think your PC is unprotected if the Firewall is on or off, but if you have COMODO, your safe!


I think it’s better to keep the Windows firewall activated to stealth your ports. Look what pandlouk wrote about it: https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,210.msg1330.html#msg1330

ps. I would suggest that you leave Windows firewall acivated because CPF doesn't stealth the ports that are in the allow rules (only blocks them). With Windows firewall activated they will be stealthed when you don't use the UltraVNC . And don't worry it does not impact the performance of the connection or that of the pc.

The stealth problem that CPF had is fixed.

You can disable windows firewall without any problems.

Or you can leave it activated, it won’t give any problems. It’s up to you :wink:

Running two software firewalls at once can cause conflict, which can lead to freezing of the os, or other problems related to software conflict. I recommend using just one firewall. If you have a hardware firewall or a router, use just one software for your xp operating system.


Although the XP firewall won’t cause any problems, I would still recommend turning it off. It really isn’t needed because CPF is protecting you :wink:

Just to add to this, MS does in fact recommend you turn the firewall off when having any other on.

This quoted directly from Microsoft…
<. No. Running multiple software firewalls is unnecessary for typical home computers, home networking, and small-business networking scenarios. Using two firewalls on the same connection could cause issues with connectivity to the Internet or other unexpected behavior. One firewall, whether it is the Windows XP Internet Connection Firewall or a different software firewall, can provide substantial protection for your computer.>

Hope this helps,

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