XP Firewall and Comodo Two problems

This all looks nice and the version of Comodo Firewall I have installed Version 5.4.189822.1355 is on.

However two niggles. Not sure which version I was to download; my set up is XP Pro 32bit SP3

Even though it is running and the XP firewall is off, changes that I make in the XP firewall menus are reflected in the Event Viewer: SecEvent.Evt This is a minor concern ( understatement)

Before I get drastic and turn off the Firewall Services in XP could someone enlighten me on these issues?

You can disable the Windows Firewall Service. CIS does not rely on it.

What changes are you making in the XP Firewall menu and for what purpose?

I was simply clicking individual exceptions on and off which would register in the SecEvnt log. This was to ascertain whether the XP firewall was still active.
I have now disabled the Firewall Service so the changes cannot be madeā€¦