XP, Cannot connect to the internet, Error code 0x080004002

Hello, Comodo,

I found your website/program, Highly recommended on a forum.
Downloaded it, and it looks Really good.
It is not, though, solving the problem. Let me explain…

On a Toshiba Satellite laptop, running Win XP, Version 2002, SP3
Plenty of spare space on the hard drive.
Trying to connect via wireless.

I’m pretty durn sure that the problem is not Modem or Router.
At 2 different street addresses, the Problem laptop doesn’t work, but other laptops Do work.
Therefore, Modem or Router can’t be the problem… Is That Correct?

Firefox says: “Server not found. Firefox can’t find the server at…”
IE says: “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage.” So, I clicked on “Diagnose Connection Problems” > “Wireless” > Selected the correct Network (2WIRE160) > It said to “Contact your ISP or the manufacturer of the modem and/or router.” Very (not) helpful.
The “Wireless Network Connection” says Connected, with Excellent signal strength.
I clicked the “Repair Wireless Connection” thing, and it didn’t fix anything.

I hooked up an ethernet cable: It Does connect to the internet with a Wired connection.

So, while connected, I started MalwareBytes, Updated it, then Scanned.
It found nothing.

I downloaded Comodo, ran it, > Antivirus > Run a scan > Create new scan > Add > My computer > C drive > Apply > Name: Cdrive > Apply > Selected that name > Scan > It immediately came up with an error window: “Update failed: Error code 0x80004002. No such interface supported”.

I suspect that’s caused by the malware.
OR… is that a legit error coming from Comodo?
What does it mean?

Or,… what else can I tell ya’, guys? ???

HELP, Please.



Maybe you blocked it in the firewall
Assuming your running version 5

  1. open comodo
  2. click on firewall
  3. click on "network security policy

look for c:\windows\system32\svchost.exe
are any of the ports for this blocked??
They should have a green check mark

Thanks for your fast reply, Jay.

In the “About” section:
Product version: 5.0.163652.1142
Virus Signature Database Version: 0

Where do I find the Firewall that you mentioned?

Regardless… I had been trying it in Safe mode.
Maybe that’s why Comodo wouldn’t run?
I apologize for not mentioning that before.
Anyway, because I Can connect (wired), I restarted Windows normal.
The virus definition update worked.
I scanned “My computer”.
The scan found 19 problems, mostly High.
I Quaranteed them all.
Unhooked the (wired connection) ethernet cable.
Restarted the laptop normal.
Wireless Network Connection says Connected, Signal strength Very good.

Still cannot connect to the internet Wirelessly. >:(

Any more ideas, Please?


Are you running Comodo Internet Security?

Also, can you please scan with the two programs mentioned here and let us know if they identify anything malicious, dangerous, or unknown. Please note that Comodo Cloud Scanner does come with a 30 day trial of Live PC Support, but you don’t have to use that if you don’t want.

An Update…
Internet Explorer… WORKS ! ! !
WIRELESS ! ! ! Very Cool !
A guy over in the MBAM forum told me how to “Reset TCP/IP” with a Batch file.
That apparently was the trick.
All is well. There is peace on earth. (OK… not really.)
You can now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

Thanks very much for ALL of your help(s), people. ;D