XP boot hang after V3 install

I finally got around to upgrading CFP on an old P4 system with 1 Gb ram. It was running CFP 2.x of some variety.

After I completed the installation and performed the reboot, XP hung on the boot window (where it shows the back and forth icon). I had no luck restarting the system until I uninstalled CFP3.x in safe mode.

Any idea what I should try for this install?

Did you uninstall v2.x before installing v3.x?

If so, then you may still have remants of v3.x after removing it in Safe Mode. Go here for help:

Download and run the batch file shown at the bottom of my “Instructions” and see if that clears up any remaining files and registry entries.

Then download a fresh copy of the latest version of 3.x and try again. Be sure to disable your Internet connection and anti-virus when reinstalling CFP.

Yes, I uninstalled 2.x first.

I’ll try that next time I’m at that PC.