►XP AV◄ Where is the forum?

I don’t use CIS; I don’t have a Mac; I don’t use Linux; and finally, I don’t have a bug to report.

So where is the forum for XP Users of Comodo Anti-Virus only?

I’ve wasted 15 minutes on this already because nowhere on the site do you have a simple flowchart that shows your forum structure, and perhaps even more importantly a visual guide to those Comodo forums & sub-forums that do not allow posting so people like myself aren’t wasting time looking for a New Topic button in a forum that is not a forum, but a FAQ tree. A sub-forum with no posting allowed is ►not a Forum.

Get a site map going; color-label those Comodo Forums Users can post in; and if you won’t consolidate them into their own FAQ listing, then grey them out.

I believe you are looking for this section of the forum. I’m sorry it was difficult to find that section, but I do hope that this helps.

I am assuming that this reply was helpful, and will therefore move this topic to Resolved.

semicodin, if you have any other questions please feel free to ask.

Thank you.