XP 64

I love the idea of what your doing here, however, looking on your front page I see the system requirments as :-
Windows 2000 (ALL)
Windows XP (ALL)
Windows 2003 (ALL)
64 MB available RAM
32 MB of available free hard disk space

Please note the ALL in XP, so i uninstall ghostwall, turn xp 64 bit firewall off and reboot, download Comodo and lo and behold I get “The installed operating system is not supported by Comodo firewall” but hey on the front page it says Windows XP b[/b], now trying to find what it then supports became a 30 minute hunt, that only ended when I downloaded the user manual, and there I find Windows 2000/Windows XP (All 32bit versions)
Kinda frustrating people…
So ok no problem, will reinstall, but please make your info easier to find for us ever growing 64bit folk, and when can we expect a 64bit version ? I don’t suppose you’d have one in Beta would you ?

Welcome to the forum!

This subject have been discussed before, but it seems that umesh forgot to change the info :slight_smile:


thanks for the welcome, i thought i was going mad, glad to see you know about it :slight_smile: I will keep checking back for a 64bit version, if help is needed with the Beta count me in :slight_smile:

I too was “mislead” by the XP (all) notification, took me a while too to find out if it was supported or not. So please correct it, as what is on the site is simply not correct at the moment. Looking how you are working on getting the program known to the public it doesn’t help stating wrong info :wink:

Looking forward tho to a 64 version :slight_smile:

Hi Guys,
It has been taken care. Please visit:

We are working on XP 64bit and Vista so soon we will be changing the site for it :slight_smile: