XP 64 Bit - Freezing System after installation

:cry: Problem:
Hi there, as many others I’ve been experiencing the system freeze after
installing the Comodo Firewall/Antivir package or XP 64 Bit. After a few
freezes at the startup I found out that a “svchost.exe” freezes
a few seconds after system starts.

:P0l Solution:
Go to Start → ControlPanel → AdministrativeTools → Services
Rightklick on the Service “DNS Client” and slect “Properties
Click “Stop” and set “Startup type” to “Manual”.
Accept with OK and everything should work just fine.

:P0l Addition to solution:
It just happened again after disabling a Systemaccess to the Internet
permanently. Make Sure you disable “DHCP Service” too.

Please be aware that other people might not know what the impact is of this action.
This could lead to non working internet connections!

You have to know what you are doing if you are disabling DHCP server, you need to set an ip address on you network adapter manually, depending on your local network setup.

Is there a fix for this bug coming soon?

Well as they just released a new version today, it’s worth a try… but as it’s not in the release notes…

Does that mean also that it won’t freeze if you have those services running, but pull the plug from the network interface ? and start your system then ?