XML Tags, cis 3 and cis 5

The format of, e.g. “bold” for cis 3 is:
“%s is a \b1safe\b0 application signed by \b1%s\b0.”

whereas in cis 5 it is:
%s fonctionne <Bold>dans la Sandbox</Bold>

When translating cis 3 and using the cis 5 tags, these tags don’t work and only appear litterally as they are written.

Does someone has an explanation, and if impossible to use cis 5 tags in cis 3, can someone remind me the cis 3 syntax?

Thank you.

I reverted to the old (and not practical) syntax of CIS3, and it works.

But it does not tell me why CIS3 does not read CIS5 tags: i don’t think that CIS has the power to write a XML version specific to each of its versions.

I have had an awful day at work, probably responsible of my mood tonight:
but why do i have that feeling that i can, even if sometimes writing some insanities altough trying to do my best, be answered whereas, whe never i am myself asking a question twice a year, i never have any answer?

Thank you, Have a good night.