Xbox Live Open NAT problems

I’m using ICS to hook up my 360 to the internet.
I tried this in Komodo 2.x also and never found a way to properly do it so I uninstalled Comodo.
Now I REALLY like Comodo, and I would like to run it, but same issues again.

Some background:
Windows XP SP3
NOD32 AV (latest)
I have a transparent internet connection, as in there is no NAT or Firewall in my router, it’s just a router…no rules or anything.

My PC have 2 network cards, one for Internet and one for Localnet

Okay I followed the rules in this post ( and I can now connect to Live.


“Your NAT type is Moderate. People o networks with this NAT type may not be able to join certain games or hear people while playing online. For the best online experience you need an open NAT configuration.”

Without Komodo, Works
With Komodo, Don’t Work

i even tried a coupll of rules that opened ALL TCP/UDP traffic to/from the xbox

And no, nothing in the firewall logs

A sniff with Wireshark does not throw up anything “weird” either…on any of the 2 interfaces.

Help ?

I would love to continue using Komodo, but this is messing with my voice chat among other things on the Xbox360

I now also tried to creat a WOS rule allowing all traffick to and from the xbox.

no go.

anyone ?

So … There goes comodo again, uninstalled :frowning:

I have the same problem… Please help us… comodo is very cool, but we need an open Nat… We can’t turn off the firewall every time we play… Like per i’ve tried all guide… help help help please…