xbox 360 streaming help

I want to stream media through my xbox but do not know how to safely configure Comodo firewall so xbox and pc can talk to each other. If i turn my firewall off they can connect to each other so i know it is not a router problem, but i am unsure of how to open the correct ports in the firewall so only my x box can access the pc through that port. Many thanks for your help Ian.

I have the same question… does anyone have an answer?

you are going to have to make a custom firewall rule
to do this go to firewall → network security policy → add
then click the select button and add the program you are wanting to allow through comodo
then click the add button and the bottom left
under your destination address put the ip of your xbox and click destination port and put the port it uses to communicate.
click apply and you should be good to go

See if this helps.