XBOX 360 Media Sharing - Comodo still active even when shutdown

I tried to stream media (music, videos, pictures, etc.) from my PC running Comodo FW 3.0 to my XBOX360 but so far hasn’t been successful.

I’ve opened the required ports, disabled Defense+ and even setup a HOME zone where ALL traffics (TCP/UDP, any ports) are allowed within the same zone (XBOX360, my PC, etc.). As a last resort, I even tried to shutdown Comodo. The ONLY way the streaming works if I uninstalled Comodo.

My Windows Media Player 11 in the PC can see the XBOX360, but the XBOX360 can NOT connect to the PC.

I think Comodo still works in the background and blocking something even when I shut it down (NOT uninstall).

Here’s my setup:


  • Windows XP Pro SP2
  • Windows Media Player 11 with sharing enabled
  • Zune Player with sharing enabled


  • Latest update applied as of 12/09/2007

I’ve moved your topic into the Help for v3 forum. Which version of CFP 3.0 are you running: .12, .13, or a test verison?

im having the same problem. I’m running TVersity. Ive opened port 41952 and allowed the ip of my 360 to access my computer but it still wont work. It can see my computer but it wont load anything. can anyone help? I can also see the access attempts im the activity logs