Xbox 360 connecting to PC Media problem

Any one any idea on how to configure the firewall correctly to allow the Xbox 360 to connect to my PC so I can play media files through it? I have followed the instructions that Xbox provide for opening ports but it still fails to connect, I must be going wrong somewhere. It works fine with the firewall off and with other firewalls

I have not tried any of this myself but these posts may help:


Thanks will have a look at these now :BNC, I did do a search but these threads didn’t come up

I hope you find some answers. If not I am sure someone who has solved the same problem themselves will eventually read your post and help you out.


Just slightly annoying the firewall doesn’t detect the Xbox trying to connect to the PC and ask if its allowed to but never mind it may do one day

Well it appears I have done all that already so dunno where its going wrong at moment